Location: Northeast of Perú.
Area: 368 852 km2.
Capital: Iquitos (104 masl)
Altitude: Minimum: 70 masl (Amelia)
Maximum: 220 masl (Balsapuerto)


Amazonas River

Floating Houses - Belen

Iquitos, capital of the department of Loreto, is Peru's main port along the Amazon River. Founded in 1757, the city began to boom from 1880 onwards as a result of the rubber tapping industry. One can still see signs of that economic bonanza in buildings such as the old Hotel Palace, built in Art Nouveau style with materials brought from Europe, and Casa de Fierro, designed by French architect Gustave Eiffel. These constructions contrast with the rustic index.htms that line the Belén quarter, where all constructions rest on pilings due to the fact the river rises several meters during the rain season. A boatride along the major rivers and lakes around Iquitos is particularly bewitching for visitors. Native tribes mainly live along the banks of the Amazon, Napo, Ucayali, Marañón and Nanay Rivers.

The most popular beaches are Tunchi Playa, on Lake Quistococha, and Santa Clara and Santo Tomás along the Nanay River, which are ideal for water sports. Some 150 km from Iquitos lies the Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve, the largest reserve in Peru, the second-largest in the Amazon Basin and the fourth-largest in South America. The area is index.htm to an astonishing biodiversity of fauna and flora.